During these first critical weeks and months with your puppy,
we keep him/her on a closely monitored, balanced schedule
of crate training and supervised free play so he/she develops
sound potty training habits and social behaviors.
You come home to a tired, happy, well socialized pup!

  • 2 rounds of vaccinations
  • Pup must be at least 8 weeks of age
    but not more than 6 months to start our program
  • Introductory interview & tour

We also offer Adult Dog Daycare to dogs over 6 months of age.
Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (DHLPP and Rabies)
and must be spayed or neutered.

We offer 2 programs: Puppy Pick up/Delivery Service
and Customer Drop Off/Pick up Service.

When you choose the Pick up and Delivery Service,
we will pick your pup up between 8-10am and drop him off between 3:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday.

Customer Drop off & Pick Up Service is available 7am-7pm Monday-Friday. Full day and half day (4 hours) programs are available with the Customer Drop off Program only.

Price changes are effective Feb. 1, 2010.

puppy pick up/delivery
$44 per day
full time pick up/delivery (m-f)
$176 per week
full day customer drop off
$33 per day
full time customer drop off (m-f)
$132 per week
half day/4hours
$25 per day

Going to a Giant's game, a friend's wedding or the weather
is just too lousy to take your dog to the beach? We offer
weekend daycare on Saturdays from 9am-5pm and Sundays from 10am - 6pm. Reservations are required.

full day
half day (4 hours)


Boarding (includes full day daycare) for $65 per day


Open every Thursday & Friday

 By Appointment Only

Fur Factor Essential: Includes Bath with natural shampoo & conditioner, blow dry and brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, shaving foot pads and gland cleaning

Fur Factor Plus: Includes Fur Factor Essential service plus clean up scissor trimming for dogs that are between grooming appointments and need a spruce up, face trim, sanitary trim, teeth brushing included

Fur Factor Premium: Includes Fur Factor Essential Services plus full grooming appointment*

*Grooming Choices
Puppy cut or breed cut
Face trim
Leg Trim
Footpads shave
Tail Trim
Sanitary Trim
Flea & Tick shampoo treatment (add $5)

Fur Factor Dry cut:does your dog’s coat need to be cut but is afraid of water or loud noises? This dry cut includes a full body shave, face trim, leg trim, ear trim, footpad shave,and sanitary
trim with out the stress of getting a bath and blow dry

  Bath Essential Plus Premium Dry Cut
Small Dog
(under 20lbs)
$18 $25 $40 $55 $40
Medium Dog
$28 $35 $50 $65 $50
Large Dog
$38 $45 $60 $90 $60
Extra Lg Dog
$48 $55 $70 $105 $70

a la carte:

Ear Cleaning
Tooth Brushing  
Nail Trim   $10
"Tune Up" 15 min. brushing, ear cleaning & nail trim.   $25

*Space is limited so reservations are required for all programs;
see our downloadable enrollment forms for info.




1 Boutwell Street, San Francisco, ca 94124
cross street is Industrial, off of Bayshore Blvd

415.738.2363 fax 415.330.9649

Muttley Crew